-Menthol crystals.
-Chamomile ext.
-Cocamidopropyl betaine.
-Chlorhexidene digluconate.

Ranim is feminine wash specially designed for the daily cleansing of the female
intimate zone.
Ranim has a mixture of strong compatible that aid woman to maintauon their
hygiene intact, prevent unpleasant odor and to maintain freshness all day.

Ranim: Contains Chlorhexdene digluconate and Cocamidopropyl betain
– that have antiseeptic effect and offer antimicrobial protection against both
Grum – positive and Gram negative, also useful against fungi and viruses that
cause vaginities.
Ranim: contains menthol crystals
– has local analegsic effect that aids in minimizing itching sensation and
– has cooling effect approved deadorant to prevent unpleasant odor and to
maintion freshness all day.

Ranim: contains menthol crystals
– has a potential anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting cyclo oxygenase and
prostaglandin E2 that cause suppression to inflammatory process.
– Speed healing of wound and ulcer.
-restores the natural physiological PH to support the natural defence mechanism
against harmful environmental substances.
– has Soothing effect and prevent itching and discharges with unpleasant odor.

Ranim: enhances natural moisture and relieves vaginal dryness.

Ranim: is very safe and non-staining.

– Bacterial vaginosis.
– Vaginal candidiasis.
– Vaginal tricomonasis.
– Vaginal bad odor and itching.
– Vaginal dryness
– To remove residual blood after periods.
– For hygiene after sexual intercourses or in case of not-very-comfortable
situations (during travels, at word, after fitness activity….)
– Routine vaginal hygiene.

Direction of use:
For prophylactic use:
– Put about 1-2 measure (15 ml) on 1 liter of worn then rinse with it twice
– For severe cases:
– Used undiluted under supervision of physician.
Side effects:
– No reported side effectes.

– Hyper sensitivity for one or moe Ranim components.

– Bottle contains 250 & 150 ml.

– Keep away from heat and light.
– stored at room temperature.
– keep away from childern.