Gel For Skin
Soothing gel for Burn and wound.

Calendula extract.
Dermakita gel is a powerful formila contains carefully selected combination wich:
– Act as antiseptic to protects the wound broad spectrum of beteria and
microoganisms to reduce the risk of infection
– Soothes the pain by temporarily cooling the burn.
– Reduces inching and inflammation of the skin.
– Soothe irrtated wounds and bites and provide natural topical relief.
– Creates an optimal healing condition that promotes new tissue formation to
accelerate wound healing process.
– Stimulate skin regeneration to helps eliminate, reduce the appearance of
– Post Surgical wounds e.g. (circumcision & obstetrical).
– First degree burns or superfical second degree burns where the pain relief and
the fast healing are remarkable.
– Chronic Wounds icluding bed Ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers.
– Donor sites.
– Cracked heels and cracked nipples.
– Sun burn, cuts, scratches and Insect Bites.
For best results apply to the affected area of the skin until completely coverd,
2-3 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.
Contra indication:
It is contra indicated in cases of hypersensitvity to any the components.
Precautions & Warnings:
– For external use only, avoid contact with eyes.
– Keep out of the reach of childern.
– Serious Wounds and burn should be managed under the supervision of a
healthcare professional.
Dermakita gel: available in tubes of 30, 50 gm.
Store below 30 C.