Lavender Oil
– Acceleates the regeneration of calls, whitens skin.
Lactic acid
-Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.
– Is a powerful exfoliant, prevents photo – aging.
– Is a natural skin-moisturizing, softening agent.
Licorice extract
– Inhibits melanin production, by inhibiting tyrosinase activity of melanocytes.
– Is a powerful antioxidant.
– Has sunscreen & anti-inflammatory properties.
Orange Oil
– Rich in Vitamin C , E that powerful antioxidants, which stimulte coolagen synthesis & erase fine lines.
– Naturally lighten the skin by inhibiting melanin production.
– Is a powerful exfoliant.
– Is a soothingm hydrating agent.
– Is a natural emollient & antioxidant agent.
Titanium dioxide & Zinc oxide
– Are the most effective natural sunscreen that providing broad spectrum protection against the UVA/UVB rays thus helps protect against sunburn, wrinkle & skin pigmentation.
Tea tree oil
– Is a natural antioxidant & antispectic agent.
Boric acid
– Has an antiseptic effect for heal sun burns.
– Is humectants agent.