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New Salt

Hala Sweet


composition: -Menthol crystals. -Chamomile ext. -Cocamidopropyl betaine. -Chlorhexidene digluconate.

Dana (Massage Cream) 60 gm – 30 gm

Description & Properties DANA contain many natural active ingredients which have powerfull

Shroudent (Mouth Wash)

Shroudent is a powerful antiseptic mouthwash that represents an advanced formula Kills Germs for 12 Hour Proutection with fluoride for advanced oral

Dermakita (Skin Gel)

Gel For Skin Soothing gel for Burn and wound. Composition: Panthenol. chlorhexidine. Calendula extract.

Clearuban (Soothing Facial gel) 30 gm – 50 gm

Cleariban:contains group of powerful healing ingredients regenerate the skin tissues and helps the skin to return to its normal condition.

Rosa baby (Soothing Cream) 30 gm – 50 gm

Rosa baby Rosa baby (skin soothing cream) perfect combination works to treat & clam the diaper area of children

Picoral (Shampoo) 75 mg – 175 mg

Composition & Properties – Picoral (Anti dandruff shampoo) – Perfect Combination works to protect any type of hairs make it

In Care 120 mg – 250 mg

Composition & Properties Encare Unique advanced formula, has strong antiseptic properties it is effective against bacteria, Fungi & protozoa.


Lavender Oil – Acceleates the regeneration of calls, whitens skin. Lactic acid -Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. – Is a powerful exfoliant, prevents photo – aging.


Thyme oil , Clove oil , Lavender oil & Pine oil – Are antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal & anti-inflammatory ingreients that fight wounds infections, helpful in cleansing the skin.


Tea treeoil  РHas antiseptic , antibacterial & antioxidant effeect. РHas antihistaminic & anti- inflammatory effect (Preventitching). РHas powerful healing properties.