These tools will help you to learn how to make an essay editor do the job for you. For those who write, Nifty Author and Grammarly are both excellent options. These tools are great for improving your writing but they do not have to be the only tools available. For more information, read our full review. These tools have been selected for their quality and ease of access. It’s a good idea to try them once you do.

Nifty Author

Nifty Author is a word processor that can also use to edit essays. You can utilize it for Windows and it comes with lots of useful features, including an automatic spelling checker as well as synonyms and suggestions. There are also multiple file formats. It functions and looks similar to Microsoft Word or Windows Live Writer. It is compatible with all other programs , therefore there’s not a need to download any additional software. The program is available to download and use for free.

It has a number buy essay of functions that make editing your essays effortless. It is possible to load documents, and other types of documents, and use the editor. The editor’s spelling-checker, dictionary, and dictionary tools. Additionally, you can add images and objects as well as alter the your font’s size. The program lets you compose a complete letter in just a matter of minutes. It also assists you to enhance your writing skills, so you can amaze your professor.

One of the most useful features, Nifty Author offers an automatic spell checker. The tool can identify spelling as well as grammatical mistakes, and provides appropriate replacements. The ability to password-protect your documents is feasible. There are many viewing options. You are able to alter your document’s appearance with various shapes, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. Automatic spelling checker will automatically correct any spelling mistakes you may make while you write.

Another benefit another feature of Nifty Author which is what makes it a great free essay editor is its ability to protect your essay. If you want to make your document secure you could make a password available or disable editing. The password does not secure the document , and anyone can take it and copy it. Nifty Author offers the alternative to view images before you change them. It is also possible to edit the style of the document with Preview mode.

Paper Rater

Though Paper Rater’s layout isn’t as impressive as Grammarly, it is usable and user-friendly. Paper Rater has a different layout unlike Grammarly that uses contemporary design and fonts, and has a simple user interface. For access to the editor’s functions, it is necessary to sign up. Mobile and tablet versions are not very good.

PaperRater’s biggest issue is the fact that you must sign into your Google account in order for it to work. It doesn’t offer live chat, and it can take about 15 seconds to review a lengthy document. You will need to pay for having a document that is long examined. Paper Rater, despite all its drawbacks can be a good option for those who require an easy and cost-effective process to proofread their essays.

You can also use a variety of tools for ensuring that your document is on point. Paper Rater will detect plagiarism and give Grammar scores. Apart from grammar tests the program can also examine the paper for mistakes including typos, and misspelled words. The program also features a user-friendly interface that allows you to copy and paste the result into your document for quick review and revision. The Paper Rater membership is free and paid. It is however, the premium subscription will cost you over $11 per month. While the cost is lower than Grammarly Paper Rater, it doesn’t have nearly as many functions. Also, it is much more secure compared to Grammarly. The service is not stored on your personal computer, which makes it an ideal choice to those who don’t wish to shell out money for a subscription.

Grendel is Grendel is AI engine that powers PaperRater and has the capability of finding plagiarism. PaperRater’s plagiarism detection software employs AI technology, and not Turnitin. It detects grammar errors and plagiarism. It is also able to score essay papers and will automatically provide references for duplicate documents. It is compatible with the majority of file formats including PDF as well as RTF. PaperRater is compatible with a variety of file formats and also has a vocabulary generator.


For free, you can online essay editor make use of Grammarly which is an English grammar and writing tool which scans email messages and other documents in real-time for mistakes. It is possible to see suggestions for corrections at a glance and accept or reject these suggestions. The trial version of the program highlights the most frequent grammar and spelling errors and offers context for suggested corrections. Upgrade to unlock additional features. Grammarly is accessible as a no-cost alternative.

It can be installed on laptops, computers or even your phone. It analyzes your writing to edit your writing. It can be used for editing documents online as well as emails and webpages. Additionally, it offers desktop apps for Windows and MacOS. Its free version features a very intuitive dashboard, which shows recent documents, your profile, and all apps you’ve incorporated. Just click the link and check your outputs to make sure you’ve proofread everything you write.

The no-cost version of the grammar checker may not be foolproof However, it can provide several advantages. It is essential to see how grammar checks could help improve the quality of your writing. These suggestions won’t be relevant if your work has been based on an easy English dictionary. It’s also unlikely to catch serious mistakes. Even if you’re writing for someone who doesn’t understand English, BuyEssay Grammarly can help in achieving your goals. Grammarly can help you spot grammar errors using the paid edition of Grammarly.

Although the free version of Grammarly will catch simple spelling and grammar mistakes but you must be aware that it doesn’t feature other advanced features such as plagiarism detection, word enhancement, or tonal corrections. For the purposes of writing to earn a living, the premium version is an ideal choice. If you’re running a small business using the premium edition, it’s the best option. It comes with more functions than the standard one.

Hemmingway Editor

The cost-free Hemmingway essay editor application can help you improve your writing abilities. It identifies mistakes and offers options to ensure your sentence structure is clear. There is also active voice and adverbs. It also suggests alternative phrases to substitute complex words. The Hemmingway essay editor will not make changes to your piece in a way that is automatic. The essay editor must be attentive to the essay and make any necessary adjustments before submitting it. This isn’t a replacement for an actual human being to proofread It’s just a great start.

The Hemmingway essay editor is a free application that has a wide range of instruments for writers, for example, formatting options the writing mode and even links. The app lets you publish your edited text to your associated accounts. Also, it can be used to view various types of file that include Microsoft Word, HTML and Markdown. The trial version does not allow you to login or store cloud backups. It does offer a full range of formatting and analytics alternatives.

The no-cost version of the Hemmingway editor can help you identify the passive voice, eliminate them and highlight adverbs that are frequently used and more. The editor can help you eliminate weeds and improve the quality of your writing. The program can also handle huge words and work in a speedy manner. Hemmingway’s editor for essays is a fantastic choice for writers wanting to boost their writing skills without having to invest a great deal. This tool is useful for those who want to write a quick blog post or write an article.

Hemmingway does not offer spelling checks. But grammar checkers do. In order to prevent spelling mistakes, you should have your writing checked by a grammar expert. If you’re writing an essay, Grammarly may help you with your writing. Grammarly can assist you with developing your sentence structure, and suggesting alternative words or phrases. The other drawback is that Hemmingway provides no customer support.


If you’re looking for a good essay editor, consider StyleWriter. It’s the biggest computerized grammar as well as usage and style tester. You can use the program for free on just one computer. It is possible that you will require purchasing additional computers to accommodate more users. StyleWriter provides a no-cost trial, which lasts fourteen days. But it’s not able to utilize all the features.

Alongside the no-cost trial, there’s a standard edition of StyleWriter that identifies typical errors in writing and writing. Additionally, it can assist you to clear up contracts, and reduce redundant terms. You can download the trial version of the software to check it out in case you are in hurry. If the trial trial you can download does not suffice however, you’ll want to try the complete version to decide if it’s a good one for you.

You can buy the premium version, in addition to the free trial. The premium version is provided by professional editing services that produces top-quality material. It is a great instrument for writers like your cover letters and resumes. The simple-to-use interface as well as the helpful tips make it an essential component of your writing. Although StyleWriter isn’t a perfect tool to every writer however, it’s a great way to begin if you’re not sure of your writing abilities.

If you’re determined to enhance your writing ability, it’s worth investing in the electronic course offered through Editor Software. The course is comprised of five parts on how to enhance your writing style and improve the quality of your content. Also, a CD comes with the course. StyleWriter provides StyleWriter Starter Edition which is an easier version, which is ideal for those who are students, small business and home users. The free version can identify grammar and spelling issues, and offers editing suggestions.