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 إعلان وظائف
تطب شركة شروهال فارما للأدوية مندوبين دعاية طبية ومندوبين بيع فى محافظة قنا وشمال المنيا ومنطقة فيصل وبولاق الدكرور بمحافظة الجيزة.
ترسل السيرة الذاتية على shrouhalpharma@shrouhal.com

Shrouhal Pharma Pharmaceuticals originated in 2007.

The company offers products for all Egyptian and Arab family with simple price compared to shrohal Pharma Pharmaceuticals market prices.

shrouhal Pharma Pharmaceuticals Looks forward to be one of the competitors in the lead among pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.

shrouhal Pharma Pharmaceuticals provides safe and effective drug for use with high efficiency and suitable price.

The company’s commitment to the good of the Egyptian industry and the application of the laws of the Egyptian domestic legislation standards.

shrouhal Pharma Pharmaceuticals complied with the marketing policy that will satisfy customers and earn their trust.

Earn trust between the people of the profession of pharmacists and doctors through seminars and educational conferences in hospitals and medical settings.